How Hospital Digital Signage Improves Patient Experience

Hospital Signage

Hospitals have come a long way in redefining the patient experience. Nonetheless, visiting a hospital can be stressful for not just the patient, but also for the caregiver. COVID has also proven to be a point of inflection for the healthcare industry. Most hospitals are adapting digital hospital signage to better engage with the patients. […]

Reasons why hotel receptions need Signage’s

Signage in hotels

What do all hotels, big or small, have in common? They all aim at creating an amazing customer or guest experience. In any hotel, big or small, the first customer touchpoint is the reception. From inquiries to room facilities requests, the reception handles the most communication traffic. Since multiple communication channels run across the reception […]

Advantages of using Signage for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Picking up the right location is the first fundamental step to having a successful retail outlet or a restaurant. Next is the way you choose to advertise your business. While there are plenty of branding strategies to choose from, using Outdoor signage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE can be extremely effective as well as […]

How Vehicle Graphics Help Your Business?

Vehicle Graphics Signage

Trendy vehicle graphics are fast becoming one of the most preferred ways for businesses to boost their brand presence. Statistics show that vehicle signs can produce 30000 to 70000 impressions in a single day. Statistically, fleet vehicle stickers can boost the business’s brand name 15 times more than other advertisements.If you have commercial vehicles, vehicle […]

Benefits of Outdoor LED Signage for Businesses

LED signage company

In the competitive world, making a mark in the community is paramount for any business. The brand identity of your business depends largely on how it is seen and the impression that it creates on the customers. Whether you have an old business or are starting-up new, the LED signage option can help you attract […]

Digital Signage for the Healthcare Industry in Dubai

digital signage for healthcare industry

Healthcare is fast becoming one of the most advanced industries in technological services and trends. From patient check-in to complex medical procedures, technology is used extensively to improve the healthcare experience for patients, caregivers as well as hospital personnel. Digital signage is one such trend. Right from the time that a patient enters the hospital […]

Digital Signage for Salons and Spa in Dubai

digital signage for spa in dubai

Salons and spas are an integral part of the beauty industry wherein success is all about visual perception. Influencing the current and potential customer base takes more than just attractive flyers and streaming ads. Beauty and cosmetics businesses are increasingly subscribing to digital signage in Dubai. Why Digital Signage for a Salon? We are in […]

Signboards and Digital Signage Solutions for Schools

Digital signage for school

Schools can use branding just as much as any other institution or company to establish an impressive identity. Signboards for schools can range from a quaint welcome board to information signs, navigation signs, right down to the health and safety guidelines for all. Using imagery and design elements, educational institutions can use multiple touchpoints to […]

How Digital Signage has helped businesses during and post COVID-19

Large rectangular Signage

Technology is an enabler for humankind. As the world is recuperating from the life-altering effects of the pandemic, adjusting to the norms of social distancing, the technology of digital signage has saved the day for us! Digital signage companies in Dubai have worked closely on reinventing customer experience by using creative and imaginative solutions to […]