Reasons why hotel receptions need Signage’s

Signage in hotels

What do all hotels, big or small, have in common? They all aim at creating an amazing customer or guest experience. In any hotel, big or small, the first customer touchpoint is the reception. From inquiries to room facilities requests, the reception handles the most communication traffic.

Since multiple communication channels run across the reception of the hotel, it is essential to ensure that all bottlenecks are avoided at all times. Signage at hotel receptions can prove to be influential in creating a positive traveler or customer experience. With the technological advancements in all businesses including travel, tourism, and hospitality, hotel digital signage is an investment worth considering.

Here are the reasons why signage in hotels helps:

  1. Easy navigation –

    One of the tried and tested ways of enhancing customer experience is to help the travelers help themselves. Hotel signage at the reception lobby helps the customers locate the restaurants, elevators, and other facilities without the need to actually approach the receptionists or hotel staff.

  2. Information about hotel facilities –

    One of the best ways to create a recall value for your hotel and restaurant is to use videos in your hotel’s digital signage and menu boards. You can display all the relevant information about your facilities and specialties by leveraging videos that are attractive, relatable, and can be easily remembered

  3. Minimizing perceived wait time –

    Although people do not like to wait, a certain wait time at a hotel is inevitable, especially while checking in and checking out. A study has revealed that perceived wait time has more influence on customer satisfaction than the “actual waiting time”. A dynamic digital display at the hotel lobby and reception can keep the customers effectively engaged, thereby positively influencing the perceived wait time in favor of the hotels.

  4. Highlighting in-house activities and local attractions –

    Hotel and restaurant signboards can be used effectively to channel more traffic to the main events of the day. Highlighting the local attractions can also boost the tourism value of the place.

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