How Hospital Digital Signage Improves Patient Experience

Hospital Signage

Hospitals have come a long way in redefining the patient experience. Nonetheless, visiting a hospital can be stressful for not just the patient, but also for the caregiver. COVID has also proven to be a point of inflection for the healthcare industry. Most hospitals are adapting digital hospital signage to better engage with the patients.

Here are 5 ways in which digital medical center signage can improve patient experience:

Convenient digital wayfinding
Navigating across a hospital causes stress and anxiety among the patients and visitors. Installing digital hospital signage with touchscreen capabilities at crucial entry and exit points can help patients and visitors navigate their way around.

Hassle-free digital check-in –
Digital check-in kiosks can help the hospitals speed up the check-in process for the patients helping them avoid the queues. These kiosks also reduce the need to ask or wait for assistance from the hospital staff.

Reduced perceived wait time
Digital displays in the waiting areas can help increase patient and visitor satisfaction. Screening informative messages or videos, real-time updates about the number of patients in the queue, etc. can keep the patients and visitors engaged and reduce the perceived wait time.

Enriching interactive educational content
Hospitals can use digital displays to screen educational content. This can help increase awareness about the symptoms, prevention, and management of common diseases.

Reduced anxiety – Digital hospital signage at strategic patient and visitors touch-point can help hospitals offer calming visuals and videos to reduce patient anxiety. Digital medical center signage provides a clear vision of the subsequent steps after patient check-in. This helps manage anticipation and anxiety better.

Hospitals have been working in tandem with digital signage companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and in entire UAE and Qatar to enhance their patient experience. Festoon Signs specializes in hospital signage and medical center signage. Our technical experts can work with you to customize your clinic signage design to create the best and the most convenient patient experience. Reach out to us at https://festoonsigns.com/ to explore our services.

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