Advantages of using Signage for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Picking up the right location is the first fundamental step to having a successful retail outlet or a restaurant. Next is the way you choose to advertise your business. While there are plenty of branding strategies to choose from, using Outdoor signage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE can be extremely effective as well as cost-efficient.

Keeping up with the trends, you can opt for digital signage. The sheer visual appeal of it is good enough to set you apart from the rest. However, if you’re still not convinced, here are a couple of advantages of using Digital Signage in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

The attraction of animation and action: What catches more attention than outdoor signage? An outdoor sign that moves! Digital signage gives you the option of programming your display to show scrolling messages, blinking texts, flashing or crawling content, and several other multiple display modes. You can even use different colored fonts to attract potential customers.

Waiting Time Improvement: Waiting in line can often annoy customers. 3D LED signage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is really changing the way customers experience the wait time. You can use digital signage to engage them with information about the offer of the day, daily specials, unique food facts, etc. Retailers can even use LED Display signage to navigate customers across the store. On the other hand, restaurateurs can display digital menus to help customers decide their orders while they wait.

Advertise 24X7: Brand promotion shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. Whether your outlet is open or closed, you can advertise your business through outdoor signage. They are brighter than traditional lights and can even be seen in direct sunlight and behind glass windows. Another plus point is also that, unlike the standard neon signs, they aren’t heavy on your pockets.

Social Media engagement: In today’s digitally trending world, social media engagement is one of the best ways to increase the customer base. You can display your social media handles for a quick follow-on or even the feeds from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on electronic boards. You can even feature your customers via the social feed on the electronic boards.

If you are looking for signage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, we at Festoon Signs specialize in providing customized signage solutions with world-class products and customer service. For an insight into our work and our service details, visit us at https://festoonsigns.com/ or call us at 971 4 8525774 for assistance.

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