Digital Signage for the Healthcare Industry in Dubai

digital signage for healthcare industry

Healthcare is fast becoming one of the most advanced industries in technological services and trends. From patient check-in to complex medical procedures, technology is used extensively to improve the healthcare experience for patients, caregivers as well as hospital personnel. Digital signage is one such trend. Right from the time that a patient enters the hospital or a clinic, multiple touchpoints can be optimally used to deliver relevant information using digital signages.

Here are the benefits of using digital signage for delivering relevant content in the hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Check-in Facility

Checking into a hospital or finding the right medical personnel at the medical facility can be very confusing and frustrating. Hospitals can use touchscreen KIOSKs and digital signage to facilitate easy check-in for patients. They can speed-up the check-in process for patients while easing the burden for hospital staff as well.

Medical Facility Navigation

Navigating within the hospital premises without directions can be hassling. For improved patient and guest-experience, hospitals can use digital signage to direct visitors about the building. Information can be displayed for visitors’ and caregivers’ convenience in the form of detailed map diagrams, physician directories, and step-by-step directions from one point to another within the hospital premises.

Waiting Room Digital Signage

When you are at the hospital, there are chances that you will need to wait for your appointment.

Digital displays in the waiting room can be effective in reducing anxiety and making the wait enjoyable while also communicating important information. When the wait is for hours, digital displays are way better than inanimate wall charts.

Product and Services Promotion

Digital signage can not only be used to improve the patient experience but also be used to propagate information to promote products and services. Whether it is in the reception area or the waiting lounge, streaming informative material to educate the patients and visitors about the various products, services, and offers can enhance sales. Digital signage can also be used to publicize surgeon success stories and accreditations.

Compliance and guidelines display

Whether it is for the nurses, doctors, patients, or caregivers, medical facilities function efficiently on the grounds of compliances and guidelines. Digital signage solutions help by displaying guidelines at strategic viewing points, within the premises. They help the doctors and nurses to stay on top of their work while they keep the patients and caregivers aware of the health and safety precautions.

Improving healthcare awareness

Healthcare can be a sensitive topic that no one likes to be preached about – especially not at the hospital. Digital signage can be used to display useful healthcare information creatively and entertainingly to engage the patients and visitors. They can also be used to reassure patients of a speedy recovery.

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