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hospital digital signage

Here’s an interesting fact: regular digital signs, like the ones you see in malls or on the street, get noticed a lot more than those boring static signs. And guess what? When these digital signs are made to interact with you, they get even more attention! Offering a wide range of amazing signage options that […]

Festoon Signs Comfort: Restaurants, Automobiles, Hospital, and Salon at Your Fingertips

Festoon Signs: Enhancing Comfort and Convenience for Restaurants, Automobiles, Hospitals, and Salons Whether you’re on the search for a restaurant to satisfy your culinary cravings, an automobile service centre for a speedy repair, a hospital for essential medical care, or a salon to indulge in some self-pampering, signage is the way that guides visitors seamlessly […]

Healthcare Integrating Digital Signage Solutions.


Digital hospitality signage is a practical option if you’re on the hunt for a creative approach to engage, educate, and inspire visitors about the services and amenities.  In order to turn your concept into reality, Festoon Signs, a Jeddah-based manufacturer of signage, provides you with cutting-edge equipment and an experienced team of experts. We have […]