Healthcare Integrating Digital Signage Solutions.


Digital hospitality signage is a practical option if you’re on the hunt for a creative approach to engage, educate, and inspire visitors about the services and amenities. 

In order to turn your concept into reality, Festoon Signs, a Jeddah-based manufacturer of signage, provides you with cutting-edge equipment and an experienced team of experts. We have what you require, whether you need attractive indoor displays to pique audience interest or eye-catching outdoor signs to increase brand visibility.

In order to add significance and incorporate visual appeal into the design of your hospital, modernize your lobby by switching out static posters and signs with led signages. By providing live news, entertainment, or current information while they are in the lobby, you can keep your visitors informed and interested at all times.

Below are the best ways to using digital signage technologies in hospitals in a distinctive way:

1. Real-time communications and updates:

Hospitals can use digital signage to display essential information, comments, and real-time updates. Healthcare facilities can keep patients, visitors, and staff informed, enhancing interaction and minimizing disorientation on everything from current wait times and scheduling reminders to emergency notifications and future events.

2. Internal Staff Communication

Share internal staff messages about meeting times, hospital policies, security procedures, adjustments to duty schedules, and temporary shutdown of specific hospital wings due to contamination or construction, among other things. Hospitals can display necessary announcements, updates, and training information on screens in employee areas.

3. Cafeteria in a hospital

While awaiting for their appointment, patients sometimes feel the desire to grab something to eat. Using digital signage to present the cafeteria menu along with pricing and specials in hospitals’ cafeterias. Additionally, each patient has unique dietary requirements as well as food intolerances or allergies. Carbs, like the amount of protein. Whether there are any potential allergens in the food, such as nuts or dairy.

4. Donation Walls

Draw attention to the people and institutions that have helped the hospital succeed. Run a live donor list campaign, for instance, while emphasizing the progress you’ve made toward your objective. By enabling donors to view their contribution numbers, progress updates on digital displays are beneficial for developing accountability and increasing transparency.

Hospitals can increase patient satisfaction, reduce levels of anxiety, and create a more pleasant and well-organized environment for everyone who enters their doors by implementing creative both indoor and outdoor signage tactics. 

Our sign designers take care in providing high-quality services that leave a lasting impact because to our many years of business experience. We offer end-to-end solutions to satisfy your signage needs, from designing and creating unique signs to offering and maintenance services.

With the help of our eye-catching signs, revolutionize your brand! We are the top signage provider in UAE; trust us for outstanding indoor and outdoor signage solutions for your brand. Improve your viewers perception of you through increasing foot traffic and exposure. Our knowledgeable team guarantees excellent quality, quick turnaround, and custom designs catered to your company’s requirements. Get spotted right now

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