Digital Signage trends that can change the market

With rapid technological advancements, digital signage has become integral in marketing, branding and communications.

We at Festoon Signs, specialize in high-quality outdoor signs in Dubai. Through digital signage, we offer businesses a unique way of engaging customers and creating an exceptional experience.

With new trends emerging every year, digital signage is also evolving. If you plan to incorporate digital signage in your marketing plans in 2023, here are the key trends you should know. In 2023, you can expect to see interactive displays, mobile and social media integration, and data-driven creative content.


Interactive content and touchscreen displays

Interactive content engages customers more effectively and will continue to be a preferred strategy in digital signage. It allows for personalization which builds customer relations and helps drive sales. Touchscreen displays allow customers to explore additional product information, discounts or promotional offers with the tap of a finger. It creates an immersive experience that attracts customer attention and encourages them to stay longer.


Mobile and social media integration

Smartphones are more prevalent than ever, and digital sign designs will integrate mobiles and social media platforms into their content. Companies will leverage user-generated content from social media platforms like Meta, Instagram and Twitter. These digital signs will enable customers to view products, promotional offers, loyalty programs, and discounts and sales from their personal devices.


Data-driven content

Digital signage will move from traditionally used static content to data-driven creative content. Companies will leverage AI and IoT technologies to create dynamic content that changes in real-time. Companies will customize the display content using customer engagement information from more effective data analytics. Targeted campaigns will further strengthen customer relations, helping companies drive higher conversions and better ROI from Digital signage investments.


Targeted advertising

Companies will use AI-driven analytics to fine-tune digital signage content for more targeted and engaging advertisement campaigns. Digital signage advertisements will enable businesses to customize their content to target a customer segment and measure effectiveness through demographics and customer engagement-related information.


Augmented digital security      

Businesses will gather more customer information; therefore, data security will be paramount in digital signage. Companies will lean towards more cloud-based software to manage content in real-time, make high-quality content easily accessible and achieve faster customer response. With this shift, companies will use measures like encryption and authentication to protect customer data. Digital signage systems will include content filtering, firewalls, local access control, etc., to ensure protection from malware or any other data breach activities.


The digital signage industry is rapidly advancing. At Festoon, our team of dedicated creative professionals are hands-on with the latest technologies in the market and specializes in designing signage that create an immersive customer experience. For unmatched quality and a variety of modern signs, contact us.

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